Tiger Fighting on October 1st, Beijing time ended early this morning in the Carabao Cup game, Manchester United beat Brighton 3-0 away to advance to the quarterfinals. After the game, Solskjaer accepted an interview.


"A game against a Premier League team on the away scene has never been easy. The opposing team has also sent a strong lineup. Both sides have contributed a wonderful game. I think that in the first 20-25 minutes of the game, the two teams need Entering the state of the game, the pace of the game seemed to be 0-0 and it felt like a penalty kick. But then, we had some good performances. The first chance, Mata had a very good running position and gave Iha Luo created the opportunity, and that opportunity should be converted into a goal. The same is true for the first goal, thanks to Mata’s assist."

“在客场对阵英超球队的比赛从来都不是一件容易的事。对方球队也派出了强大的阵容。双方都贡献了出色的比赛。我认为在比赛的前20-25分钟,两支球队需要进入比赛状态,比赛的节奏似乎是0-0,感觉就像是点球大战,但随后我们有了一些不错的表现。给Iha Luo创造了机会,这个机会应该转化为目标。第一个目标也是如此,这要归功于Mata的协助。”

"Yes, I'm very lucky to have such a goalkeeper in the team. In the last league round against Brighton,


"Mata's performance tonight is great. You can see van der Beck's small skills on the court, touch (out) the ball quickly and smartly. If you don't concentrate all of your attention, you can't achieve his level. of.


"Good players will know each other and they will be on the same channel. Mata's goal is beautiful."


"Pogba has been working very hard.


"Yes. We hope to go further in the cup and give players more opportunities to play. If you perform well in these events, then you will impress others. I think we The two midfielders Fred and McTominay, as well as the four defenders, all performed very well. This is also a challenge for me, a headache. I need to make changes in the lineup configuration. Good decision."


"Looking forward to the match-up tomorrow, and see what happens next."


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