Tiger Fight, October 4 News This week, the third round of Serie A will usher in a focus game, Juventus vs. Naples, today coach Pirlo held a pre-match press conference.

Tiger Fight,10月4日新闻本周,意甲第三轮比赛将迎来尤文图斯对阵那不勒斯的焦点比赛,今天主教练皮尔洛举行了赛前新闻发布会。

Pirlo's pre-match press conference content:


I don't think there is a risk of postponing the game. The league announcement made the rules very clear, so I don’t think the game might be postponed. Our current idea is to prepare for the game, just like kicking all other opponents, so we will be prepared. This matter will not affect we. (The press conference takes place before the latest developments in Juventus-Naples)

我认为没有推迟比赛的风险。联赛的宣布使规则非常明确,因此我认为比赛不会推迟。我们当前的想法是为比赛做准备,就像踢其他所有对手一样,所以我们会做准备。这件事不会影响我们。 (新闻发布会在尤文图斯-那不勒斯的最新发展之前举行)

No, I did not say that the experiment failed. What I said was that we did not have enough warm-up matches to test whether certain players are suitable for certain positions, so we tried our own way when we played Roma, maybe against Naples. Will try something else again. Because the experiment must be done, no matter the effect is good or bad, you have to test through the game (what position the player fits), so tomorrow night is the same.


As I said last time, he hasn't played for two months or even trained, so he must have a bit of adjustment time, maybe he can really play in Rome for a while. Now his legs have recovered for another week. Tomorrow I will decide whether to send him to the starting field based on the specific situation.


Yes, it is still possible for Quadrado to play on the left, and of course Frabota may also return. Both of them have the possibility of starting. I will still make a decision before the game tomorrow, but this position will only be created between the two of them.


I will have troubles at Juventus, just like he has troubles in Naples (laughs). Every coach has his own troubles, but I am still willing to be a coach because it is a wonderful job. In addition, I am also responsible for solving troubles, otherwise I would not do this.


He is in a good training state, but he hasn’t trained and played systematically for a long time, and he comes from a new environment, a different league, and even our training method is completely different from that of him in Barcelona. Atul has the possibility of starting. Because of Rabiot’s suspension, other midfielders may be rotated, so he is likely to start.

他处于良好的训练状态,但是很长一段时间没有进行系统的训练和比赛,他来自一个新的环境,一个不同的联盟,甚至我们的训练方法与他在巴塞罗那的训练方法完全不同。 Atul有可能启动。由于拉比奥特的停赛,其他中场球员可能会被调换,因此他很可能会起步。

I think the basic tactical arrangements should not change, but some players may make adjustments. I said after the game that we did not control the space well, especially on the offensive end, and it might be better to arrange the right side to be closer to the sideline when attacking. Kulusevsky had never tried at the beginning of the season. In this position, he has always played like this in Parma and the national team. Although it is a bit risky to arrange for him to play on the right side of Rome, I think we can still try in the future, and we must also try.


In fact, these have no effect on me. I still have to work with the players and the team. Whether we are a favorite or not, nothing will change. Fortunately, I have played for 20 years and I have long been tired of hearing these words, so it has no effect on me.


We are also communicating with the management, maybe something will happen, maybe not, but Fabio will take care of this, if someone really joins, then we will know on Monday night.


I can see that he is a very hard worker. He is always the first to come to the training ground, but he is the last to leave. He is also very positive now, as you can tell from the game. I don’t know if he performed so well by accident. The important thing is that he can perform so well, scoring one or two goals in each game. His spirit is very important to us. Last week, ten of us were lagging behind. He was speeding up with all his strength at the last minute of the infection, which will surely serve as an example for others.


This is a very interesting group, because it is a good thing to meet Barcelona, ​​which will raise the players' sense of responsibility and attention. As for the schedule, we know that it will be very busy, but it’s good to be a guest in Kiev in the first game, because it will not be too cold at that time. If it will snow and freeze by the end of December, we are satisfied with the group. Attractive, we can't wait to play in the Champions League.


This is a duel between two powerful teams. Naples got on the right track after Gattuso arrived. Their mentality is also different. Starting from his arrival, Naples can be ranked third in the league. They are in control. The ball and making opportunities are very strong. This team is very strong, and it has been running in for almost a year now. But we are not bad. We also have excellent players and a complete team. The players know what they do every day. I hope they can show their strength tomorrow.


Sorry, what are you afraid of?


In this situation, you will be scared wherever you go, so there is nothing scary about playing games, because you may be infected anywhere. I don't think players will be afraid of this. What they should consider is the game itself. If something happens, you can't escape at Juventus, just like what happened in Genoa.


Playing football and being a coach are two different things. We have different styles on the court, and maybe being a coach is different. I haven't met him yet, but we are all ready for the game, and we all hope to cause trouble for the other side on the court. I don't think who has the advantage or the disadvantage.


Yes, he meets my needs. We bought him because of this. I don't think anyone will lose the opportunity after a game. The league has only played two rounds and there is still a long time left in the season. I also don't think Morata played badly. He only came on Wednesday, and because of the flight isolation, he had to train alone and didn't have time to integrate into the environment. I let him start because I think his technical characteristics are suitable for Roma. I will see again tomorrow. He is a usable player. We understand and believe that he is a good player.


The best joke is: you will win tomorrow night. I can't think of anything else. The more interesting thing is to talk to him after winning. In terms of the lineup, I am satisfied with the players I have. As I said before, Fabio will be working hard. As long as the transfer window is open, anything can happen.


Nothing has changed. They are all available players. The transfer window ends on Monday and we will know when we arrive. But they are training normally, like all other players, and they are also likely to play in the game.


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